Hyper Optiks Anti-Fog, Light Reactive Visor Insert

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Light Reactive, Anti-Fog, UV blocking Vision. Available in 2 sizes.

A unique light reactive anti-fog visor insert, HYPER OPTIKS combines the advantages of the world renown Fog City anti-fog inserts with the newest photochromatic technology.

Built with a 20 mil, optical grade polycarbonate lens, HYPER OPTIKS changes color from a light mint green to a cobalt blue in less than 4 seconds under bright light!

This photochromatic effect, married to Fog City anti-fog technology, results in the best optical vision under virtually any condition.

Incorporating molecular-based anti-fog technology, the anti-misting properties of the HYPER OPTIKS insert will never wear out or saturate like chemical coatings, sprays and lesser quality anti-fog inserts based on acetate and butyrate substrates.

Compatible with PIN and NON-PIN based visors.