Motorcycle Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting and Repair (Motorbooks Workshop)

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A motorcycle's electrical system can be daunting to even the most adept home mechanic. And yet, the more complex these systems become-and the more important to a motorcycle's function-the more useful, even critical, it will be to know something about them. That's where this book comes in with a user-friendly guide to understanding, diagnosing, and fixing the electrical systems and components that make a bike run . . . or falter. Veteran technician Tracy Martin explains the principles behind motorcycle electrical systems and how they work. He details the various tools, such as multimeters and test lights, that can be used to evaluate and troubleshoot any vehicle's electrical problem. And in several hands-on projects, he takes readers on a guided tour of their vehicle's electrical system, along the way giving clear, step-by-step instructions for diagnosing specific problems.

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Editorial Reviews



Cycle News, March 7, 2007

“Martin simplifies the complex language and operations of electrical systems of motorcycles so that the diagnostics and repairs can be done with ease.”, March 2007

“What is important is to use the book to develop a basic knowledge of electricity, how it works and how it helps our motorcycles live and breathe. Then when the time comes, I think it is reasonable to expect that with a little brushing up, you’ll be able to solve many of the electrical mysteries that would have you stumped in the past.”

Iron Works, May 2007

“Tracy Martin explains the principals behind 12 and 6-volt motorcycle electrical systems. Electrical theory is kept to a minimum as the author focuses on a more practical, hands-on approach to explaining an otherwise complex topic.”

                                                                                                                                                        , May 29, 2007

“Author Tracy Martin presents a fun, easy-to-understand talk on how electricity works on your motorcycle, how to read a wiring diagram and covers the basics of 12-volt motorcycle electricity.”


American Rider, December 2007

“It’s written in a friendly, conversational manner in layman’s language, not dry engineer-speak … I co-authored an electrical troubleshooting manual for Haynes some years ago, so I have some experience with this subject. Mr. Martin has done an excellent job providing the basic principles involved with motorcycle electrical systems in an applicable, practical and useful manner … We recommend it for anyone who works on Harleys, or wants to learn more about how they work.”


Motorcycle Consumer News, October 2007

“Provides a sound foundation for any enthusiast to work on their electrical systems … His explanations and illustrations are both clear and concise, and the flow of the book is geared towards building the confidence level of the reader … Tracy’s 25 years of experience in the automotive field resonate through the pages of the book, and give credibility to his explanations and assessments. I’d recommend it for both the library and the workshop of any enthusiast.”