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About Lee Parks


Riding since the age of 12, you could say I have motorcycling in my bones. My greatest joy is sharing the motorcycling experience with family and friends. This passion eventually led me to work in the motorcycle industry.

I started racing in 1984 on the frozen lakes of the Midwest with an RM80-based ice racer. Since then, I have participated in just about every form of road and off-road motorcycle competition, and recently earned my first national championship in the 2001 G.M.D. Computrack WERA National Endurance Series in the Lightweight class. I also earned the #2 plate in the 1994 AMA 125GP nationals.

As the editorial director of Motorcycle Consumer News and Auto Restorer, I had the privilege of scientifically testing hundreds of motorcycle and automotive products, often to destruction. This taught me a great deal about materials, production and quality. I now put that experience to work in every product I design and market.

Looking for a new challenge, I founded Lee Parks Design in April 2001 after spending more than eight years as a professional motojournalist. My mission is to create innovative products and services to help riders achieve "better living through motorcycling," and help companies better serve their customers. This site is the first step in that direction with a few, select, state-of-the-art items.

Order with confidence knowing my products have been to hell and back before you ever see them. I personally test each one—on the street and the track. Only those proven durable, comfortable and easy-to-use by a jaded motojournalist are included in this catalog. Of course, if there ever is a problem, e-mail or call and I'll make it right. I'm committed to treating you the way I want to be treated. As a serious enthusiast myself, it's not just the right thing to do— it's my duty.