Psi Pro® Tire Pressure Gauge (Gen 2)

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The pressure is on. The patent-pending hard-bodied Psi Pro Tire Pressure Gauge from Lee Parks Design is ruggedly handsome in its nickel-plated, brass body. It is distinguished by a unique, CNC-machined, anodized, round-topped, 90-degree aluminum head. It's guaranteed accurate to +/- 1 psi for increased mileage and performance and is warrantied for five years. 

Unlike common automotive gauges' angled heads that are tough to position around motorcycle brake discs and spokes, the PSI Pro easily mates with tire valve stems. This perpendicular orientation allows easier maneuvering in tight spaces and ensures better engagement, so less air escapes and readings are more accurate.

A machined in Valve deflator allows for fast pressure release by rotating and depressing. The 10–50 psi range (75–340 kPa) is ideal for motorcycles, UTVs, cars, trucks and anything else that has a Schrader valve in that range. Durable construction with a replaceable valve means this gauge will last for many years. Unlike dial gauges that easily lose their calibration when impacted, the Psi Pro Tire Pressure Gauge’s durable construction will stay accurate even after being dropped or banged around in a toolbox for years.


Proudly made in USA of U.S. and imported parts.